A better way to test Android apps

The most powerful, yet easy-to-use testing service
designed specifically for Android developers and testers.

Distribute App Releases to Testers
Test app cross devices
Overcome Device Model Nightmare

There are lots of Android device models. Some have 10-inch large screens, and some have 3.5-inch tiny screens. Some models ship with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, but some still run Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The large number of device models is developers' worst nightmare. The best developers regularly test on tens if not hundreds of Android devices.

Push New Releases from Web or Device

With Cramdroid, it is easy to manage testing teams, and push app releases to testers via push notification.

You can even test an app on your device, then push that version to all the testers directly from your device.

Collect Screenshots and Feedback
A screenshot is worth a thousands words.
Gather Message from Devices

Developers usually connect devices to their computer for collecting Logcat messages with ADB tool. While testing with multiple devices, they have to connect lots of devices to get required information for debugging.

Cramdroid automatically collects Logcat messages of your testing app. Thus you don't have to connect each device to your computer.

Integrate with Evernote

While testing apps, testers have to report information including current screenshot and note about problems they observed.

Evernote is a well-known note taking service. Cramdroid provide an overlay button on the top of screen. When testers find issues to report, they can submit the issue to Evernote via the button.

By pressing the button, Cramdroid takes current screenshot and opens Skitch, an annotation app from Evernote, for testers to add note about this issue. Developers can access note sent from testers in their Evernote notebook.

Be a Happy Developer
Tutorial of using Cramdroid

Currently, Cramdroid provides simple APK distribution, Log Collector, and Screenshot Noter services for you. These function will be enhanced and become more powerful in the future.

Beside these, Cramdroid also plans to add Continuous Integration support, SCM repository integration, and other useful tools for Android developers.

Some features require rooted devices currently. Cramdroid will enhance these features and make it available to all devices.